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Why a 3 or 6 month commitment? 

It takes time to get traction and see accurate results, especially in previously inactive or inconsistent accounts. we want you to see the results of a long term strategy & consistent posting.

If you proceed with management services we will send you information on how to securely share your login information via LastPass. LastPass, is a free account.

Will you need to access my accounts?

Suggested email marketing platforms?

Klayvio* & Convert Kit are our favorites.
*specifically for E-commerce companies

We currently specialize in organic marketing for Instagram & Facebook and provide email marketing on most platforms as well as SMS messaging services. 

Which marketing platforms do you work in?

We currently specialize in organic marketing for Instagram & Facebook. We also offer SMS messaging services. 

Which marketing Platforms do we currently service?

What results can I expect from your services? 

Each account, business & niche is different. At a minimum we expect to create a social account that users can reference as an accurate portfolio & representation of your services, offerings, and unique brand personality. In email clients we work to create engaging emails that spread the message you’d like heard with our strategy in place. More specific goals and analytics will be discussed in your Free 30-minute discovery call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much involvement is needed from our clients for a monthly package?

After initial onboarding documents and questionnaires, there is a limited amount of time that we will need your attention. We have quarterly strategy calls, monthly check-in meetings, and a quarterly questionnaire for brand voice and content inspiration unique to your brand. We will proof all graphics and content by our direct contact before publishing. We would estimate this to be 1.5 hours a month of engagement on average. Read more about our process on our work with us page.





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